15+ Top Graphic Design Trends in 2019

15+ Top Graphic Design Trends in 2019

As far as graphic design trends are considered, they exist a super impressive age of digital art before the world. Trends often tend to disappear in a manner as swift as they’re appearance. However, they’re are many among them which maintain they are a place for a longer time. Knowing the trends for 2019 would certainly help you to make out the probable demands and markets you may have to face.

The Topmost Graphic Design Trends in 2019


Their are, of course, many trends that have kept the well going of digital arts. But it’s important to catch up with the ones that are going to prevail. Here are the most probable graphic design trends for 2019:

1. 3D Design and Topography

Three-dimensional concepts seem to be used everywhere these days. This is just perfect to create objects that have depth and entice the desire of you reaching out to them and get them touched. 3D topography seems absolutely ready to pop up. The best aspect about it is, absolutely any fonts of any kinds can be presented well.

2. Asymmetrical Layouts

Designs these days seem to be moving away from the grid-based creations which had known to be standard for some time. The next year is probably the time for asymmetrical design trends that stand out from the predictable and rigid grid-based designs.

3. Art Deco

The modern era holds on to its name with the artistic movements. Their are glamorous art deco designs from various times, evolving over different periods. Graphic designing trends that would follow are likely to exhibit the best of this.

4. Custom Illustrations

The arriving time is likely to bring up the use delicate, elegant illustrations, rather than the ones with thick and bold lines. Also, these are expected to be influenced and inspired by botanical and natural elements. This is quite a very feminine trend and focuses on the

5. Open Compositions

This is the era of quitting boxes and frames and let the creations sum up into more open compositions. These designs seem as if you are looking at only a part of the picture and they lie an entire world away from you’re the sight. These seemingly chaotic, open-style, broken and cut up compositions are going to be common in the coming year.

6. Digitization of handwork

The modern graphics tools had allowed creating elements like never before, with the capabilities of moving brushes in Photoshop. Hand creations and drawings can be now beautifully transformed and transferred to digital spaces with absolute unique effects.

7. Gradients

Apart from graphic designing, this trend has spread itself well to the directions of logo designing and web designing too. Also, a special fact about this style is that it adopts with the trends it is combined with. Predictions tell that gradients could likely turn out to be two-tone. This is a pretty interesting aspect among all graphic design trends.

8. Negative

Interesting visual variations can be created by utilizing the space that is negatively colored. These designs are subjected to professional implementation, however, is accepted with heightened interest. Creatively designed pictures can grow along the backdrops of the negative space, making the entire composition absolutely worth watching.

9. Double Light Effects

This effect can be said to have elements in common with doubling. In this case, however, it is meant by a double image or a two-color light or shadow. It comes up as an effect where even the most simple and trivial compositions end up appearing sharp and dynamic. Their are no specific technical solutions needed to use this effect and it is going to rule the design trends for the coming year. You may be able to achieve this in a fairly simple way.

10. Buxom Serifs

On one hand, where illustrations are getting light, fonts seem to be beefing up. Serifs are especially going to be a relevant part of designing in 2019. Brands are likely to come up with more and more use of logo mark or serif type, reaching out to some bustling cute designs that could actually rock!

11. Warm Tones

As per the predictable graphic design trends, 2019 is going to be ruled by warm and more natural color tones. Considering the spring 2019 runaway, Aspen Gold is likely to be the color for the year. You now need to think about including and incorporating some more natural and warmer shades into you’re designs with a view to keep them perfect a per the trends.

12. Creative Photos

Usual pictures are likely to be in demand apart from the modern computer graphics offering some bold solutions to companies. Adding up unusual elements to the shooting areas is going to be an integral part of it. However, it is important to make sure that you do not overdo.

This is all going to be dependent on the specifics of the product and the advertising campaign. Also, it’s important to determine the correct photography techniques, maintaining the appropriate vulgarity and originality that is attractive enough.

13. Wave effect

This visual effect had been popular since last year. Also, it has now firmly consolidated its positions in the market. Images, in this case, are purposely submitted like they are damaged. As per predictions, these damaged pictures are going to capture a considerable position in the designing world this year. This is an effect that can be used in some of the most unexpected forms and modifications.

14. Isometric Designs

On one hand, where open compositions are focused upon stretching out things, isometric designs would let you create an entire world within a tiny space. This sounds highly technical. This is, however, all about drawing 3D objects in two dimensions. Depth is an important part of these designs, which flat designs cannot compete with. Icons are the areas where this trend has been heating up the most. You can get more tactful with these designs and get most of the bang with none of the lag.

15. Holographic Design

Holography deserves a tribute when it comes to analysis without prejudice. It used to be at a height of popularity at some time. Well, it’s going to keep up with its existence like any other trends. It looks glamorous enough and is going to be seen all around as a popular trend again.

16. Warm and moody color palettes for photos

The upcoming graphic design trends are likely to focus on the prevalence of bold and saturated duotones. Vintage and moody tones are likely to make a place with the photographs in 2019. Incorporating some amount of black in all photos, it’s possible that photos will move back to the 1980s.

17. Modern Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century influences had been clearly visible in design trends in many areas. This had been known to grow in the coming trends that may follow. This is likely to consist of a world full of illustrations. A lot of brands have been bringing up they’re gorgeous websites with vintage color palettes and illustrations. These trends are expected to dominate the graphics work in 2019 as well.

Design trends had known to change continually over time elaborating some interesting mixes. The above-mentioned graphic design trends would expectedly rule the arena in 2019. You may, therefore, set you’re designing goals accordingly.

On one hand, where illustrations are getting light, fonts seem to be beefing up. Serifs are especially going to be a relevant part of designing in 2019. Brands are likely to come up with more and more use of logo mark or serif type, reaching out to some bustling cute designs that could actually rock!